As long as you have a few towers that can see camo, camos shouldn't be a problem. Any towers under the influence of an X-2 Monkey Village can see camo, and submerged 3-X Monkey Subs can reveal camo. But, for your information, these towers can slow or pop camo bloons:

  • 2-X Dart Monkeys
  • X-2 Sniper Monkeys
  • 4-X Boomerang Throwers
  • Ninja Monkeys can pop camo without upgrades
  • The Sabotage Supply Lines Ability can slow camos.
  • The MOAB Assassin Ability un-camos camo bloons. This is a glitch. It can pop the camos if they are the strongest bloons on the screen.
  • 3-X Ice Towers can slow but not freeze or pop camos.
  • The Absolute Zero Ability can freeze but not pop camos.
  • The Glue Striker Ability can glue camos. It will pop camos if the Glue Gunner is 2-4.
  • X-2 Monkey Buccaneers
  • The MOAB Takedown Ability (Monkey Pirates), only works if camos are the strongest bloon on the screen.
  • X-2 Monkey Aces
  • The Ground Zero Ability
  • 4-X Super Monkeys
  • Super Monkeys with a level 3+ Super Monkey Lair activated.
  • The Bloon Annihilation Ability (Technological Terror)
  • X-2 Monkey Apprentices
  • The phoenix from the Summon Phoenix Ability
  • 4-X Monkey Villages
  • Mortar Towers can pop camo without upgrades
  • The Artillery Batter Ability
  • Dartling Guns can pop camo without upgrades
  • The Bloon Area Denial System Ability
  • Spike Factories can pop camo without upgrades
  • The Spike Storm Ability
  • X-2 Heli-Pilots
  • The Supa-Vac Ability can suck camos to the Bloonchipper, but the bloons will not be shredded
  • 2-X Monkey Subs can only attack camos when the bloons are within the range of towers that can attack camo without village support or X-2 Villages.
  • The First Strike Capability Ability

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